The characters shown here indicates their active membership status of New World System, and available to make use of the basic functionality of this system to contact with other people with different time and space, even different universes.

And the place they stand, or "New World", can be considered a mirrored integrated world based on these members' worlds' environment.


Spiritualized Warship Girls



"The chosen human girls inherited the great power from ancient spirits of battleships, with their personal equipment, 'Gisou', nothing can easily stop them from bringing the victory to their allies. These young human girls, may hold the key of the phenomenon, 'Spiritualization'."

Spiritualized Outer Space Species


"Power, is the key to control everything, it has nothing to do with one's appearance, or way to do so. " - Alarak

"No matter what kind of obstacles step in our way for seeking of the true peace and unity, we will fight as one, until the answer comes." - Artanis

"With the new body, we can feel, think, and understand more. We shall find the way to truly live, not just continuing on ending some wars that would never be truly ended." - Battlecruiser

Servants and Alchemists


"Even Human had once made their mistakes, if Alchemy holds the key to stop mankind from annihilation, I should one more time, take the responsibility as an alchemist." - Flameu

"The curse leads the path to where we step over the dead bodies of heathens, and, here the trail shall begin, one more time..." - Abigail Williams

"I may not know the situation very well, but if this is one another stage for me, I'd sing aloud, let the voice of peace cross over the world." - Elizabeth Bathory

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