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Invite characters/worlds to New World

"Seeking for more possibilities and adventures? You can send an invitation for character(s) to step into the realam of New World!"

The New World System is still in search of more places to visit, but sometimes they would be able to receive requests for connecting to some specific worlds, as we can called them "invitations".

Invitations can be created by those who know the existence of New World, and write down what they wish for.

Some of them may take New World as a tunnel to other worlds, and some of them treated as a stage to perform amazing collaboration stories, and still some may just be curious about the system itself...

Now it's your chance to create an Invitation for a chance to make a contact to the creators of New World, and simply write down what might you want to introduce to them: it can not only a characters, but also can be a view of a world, a setting, or even an idea.

By clicking this link you can start composing your invitation, now.

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